Unconventional Remote Work Products That Are Worth Your Budget

Discover essential work-from-home must-haves for a productive and comfortable remote work setup. Boost productivity with mini desktop vacuum, smart door handle, desk treadmill, magnetic phone stand, and portable massage pillow. Explore allwhere's procurement services for IT hardware management and employee lifecycle needs.

With Presidents' Day passing, we have officially entered the longest stretch of the year until the next federal three-day-weekend. The next is Memorial Day. Gloomy news, we know. But before you let the light at the end of the tunnel dim, we have a solution for you. After all, solutions are what we are here for! 

Pro tip: Pick a Monday between now and Memorial Day to take off and create your own long weekend. And in the meantime, we've got the scoop on all the work from home must-haves that may not be a part of your current routine, but just might make those workweeks a tiny bit better.

Disclaimer: We’re not collecting any sort of commission or compensation for showcasing these WFH essentials. We just find them to be funky yet functional and if you happen to buy them, it's a thumbs up from us! 

Mini desktop vacuum 

There are few things in this world that are less infuriating than your Apple mouse glitching because it hit a microscopic granola crumb from the Nature Valley bar you ate 2 years ago. Oddly specific? Yes. Do you understand? Yes you do.

Add to your full-office sweep here.

Smart door handle

For soundproofed calls with clients or a safe room for uninterrupted workday stress freakouts. Either way, the kids won’t get in. 

Unlock this perk here

Desk treadmill 

If you’ve ever downloaded TikTok, then this won’t be new to you. The gadget that overtook #corporatetok by storm is widely applauded for a reason. Pair this with the standing desk you’ve been meaning to get, and you’ll have a means to hit your 10,000th step everyday. 

Walk off the workday blues here.

Magnetic Phone Stand for Laptop 

Use during Zoom calls when you're waiting for an important text, email, or call. (Unmute yourself at your own peril.) 

Hook yourself up with the phone magnet here.

Portable massage pillow 

Because why not take a spa moment every day at your desk? And we've all heard about the impacts on our backs and posture from sitting all day.

Multi-tasking self care and meetings? Sign us up. Buy it here. 

If your work setup is feeling incomplete, you need allwhere’s procurement services. Want any of the above available to your team at the touch of a button? Talk to us.

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