LA Hybrid Spaces That Make WFH Feel Like a Vacation

Discover the best hybrid workspaces in Los Angeles for tech expats, budget-conscious individuals, professionals seeking motivation, and those looking for unique work experiences.

Oh, Los Angeles: the land of motion pictures and a rising population of San Francisco tech expats. If you’re not working on a set, then you’re likely working on your WFH set-up. And you’re faced daily with the existential question: why did I move to LA, the city of Angels and Perfect Weather, to sit inside at a desk all day? 

Well, have no fear. You moved to vacation-land and we are determined to get you out there Monday through Friday. Lucky for you, LA is teeming with what we call hybrid spaces: places you can hang or work that are not your home. 

And one thing is for certain: there’s a hybrid space here for everyone. 

For the extrinsically motivated professional: The lobby at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel

If you’re the type of worker who procrastinates by reading months-old issues of Architectural Digest or finds themself on DesignerTok, we sure have the place for you. Kelly Wearstler did not finesse such a sophisticated yet comfortable lounge space just for you to waste hours on Buzzfeed! Co-work here and once-lost motivation will rise within you as you drop your keys off with the Proper valet. 

Price of entry: $0 / Cost of an Americano: $5 

For a budget option without compromise: West Hollywood Library 

Don’t want to shell out for a WeWork membership at the Pacific Design Center? That’s just fine– looking at it while working might even be better. With panoramic views stretching from the tri-colored landmark all the way to downtown, there isn’t a better completely free seat in Los Angeles. 

Free to enter / Get a LA County Library Card here to take books home

For the #FutureofWork follower: One Culver

Whimsical designs and places that are more life than work are not for everyone. Sometimes, you just want to work somewhere that’s built for… work. But that’s why WeWork — you guessed it — works! The location at One Culver boasts a spectacularly futuristic lobby that you can sit in without a membership and gaze longingly at a 75 foot-long screen. If anyone figures out how to Airplay to that, let us know.

A hot-desking day pass at WeWork starts at $29 / Sitting in the giant lobby? Free.

For *hanging* on a sunny day: Winsome / Playa District 

There are quite a few gorgeously new office parks on the westside. One that pops out in particular is the common space at Playa District. What makes it different? Its food & beverage contributor, Winsome. With an interior as thoughtfully constructed at the park, you could spend all day floating between indoors and outdoors without a care in the world. (Besides that deadline that’s quickly approaching. Don’t worry — you’ll make it… there’s WiFi throughout the whole park.)

Cost of walking on up: $0 / Parking rates: 2 hrs = $3 

For a safe space: Blackbird Collective Flagship House

Ever thought to yourself: “I wish I could belong to a social club that was actively working to not be that kind of social club”? (Such clubs are not on this list!) Enter: Blackbird Collective. It’s a community founded on the principle of supporting BIPOC women and allies. Lucky for us Angelenos, their flagship house is right here in Culver City and it’s stunning. 

Membership starts at $195 / Apply for a free week-long trial here

For the most committed: Getty Villa 

Did you know that the Getty Villa has WiFi? And a cafe with dozens of tables and chairs? Now, we aren’t implying that the Getty is advertised as a coworking space. We also would not say that it is easy to get here. But, if determination strikes you, we think that it is a unique, if high-maintenance, work experience. One thing is for certain: everyone on your Zoom will think your background is fake. 

Admission: $0 (but reserve your ticket here) / Parking: $20 a car

Slack-messaging from a Roman amphitheater?: Priceless.

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